I've learned that a message is far more important than the medium by which it is consumed. It's easy to give into perfectionism and only share the ideas that make for great songs. My hope is that you will see the same level of honesty and care in this blog that you do in my music, and that it will help you to grow in curiosity, humility and sincerity.

Truth Before Evidence

I have built more websites than businesses.

I have bought even more domains.

I have started more pages than projects.

— But —

I would rather have a product and no website.

I would rather have business partners and no…Read more

Openness Before Vulnerability

Vulnerability means there is a chink in your armor.
Openness means you're not wearing armor.

Vulnerability means your defense has a weakness.
Openness means you need not defend yourself.

Vulnerability means you are under attack.
Openness means you did not…

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Tell the truth. Say what you mean. Be sincere. Bare your heart. Let it out.”